Challenge: Use design thinking to redesign the packaging for a consumer product, with a focus on sustainability.

Seeking to improve “on the go” offerings, we chose to develop a new package design for cotton swabs; an item that currently uses plastic in both packaging and product material. Taking the opportunity to create a more sustainable product, we used recycled paper and organic cotton.

Inspiring Behavior Change: Plastic and paper based stems degrade differently and we found that most cotton swab users do not know how to properly dispose of swabs. We saw an opportunity to facilitate behavior change; clearly stating the product and packaging are biodegradable.

In order to validate the concept in a saturated market, we tested our prototypes with users throughout the design process, and gained feedback from shoppers at local health food stores.

  • Role Design Research, User Insights, Packaging Engineering
  • For Capstone Packaging Course
  • Date Spring 2015